Angus Gunn in Manchester City action

Angus Gunn is Manchester City’s newest professional keeper

Angus Gunn in Manchester City action.

The 17 year old son of Canaries legend Bryan was signed up as an eight year old by City’s academy, before the former Norwich manager’s work finally led the family to cut their Norfolk ties.

But having been involved in England’s age group set up and shown plenty of promise, the youngster has signed a three year deal to become a professional and start the next stage of a career one that could see the Gunn name appearing at Carrow Road in the future.

“How it happens, in what shape or form I don’t know, but I think Angus playing there would be high on my list of things and certainly high on Angus’ list of things because he still holds a very soft spot for the yellow and green,” said Gunn senior.

“We watched a number of Norwich games last season and for the final game at the Etihad he even swapped his ticket with Neil Adams, cheap jerseys who sat beside me in the home end so he could go in the Norwich City end.

“Susan and I, we travel the length and breadth of the country to watch him play and he’s got a good family support mechanism if he needs it. Between us all there’s immense pride over what he’s achieved.

“It’s what dreams are made of and he’s worked hard to get there. It’s down to his own talent, nothing else. He’s got the plaudits and the contract, and hopefully it’s just the start.”

Angus has gone on to success but his old Norwich academy colleagues have not done badly in his absence either a fact not lost on Bryan, working as a talent scout for Triple S Sports.

“Angus keeps in touch with his old team mates and watching Norwich win the FA Youth Cup was fantastic,” he added. “They were a lot of the guys he came through the ranks with and in a different scenario he could’ve been playing with them. But he was cheering them all the way and was delighted for all his friends.

“I took in a few Norwich games last year and I was thoroughly impressed with the way those boys have developed and a few of those lads will pull on a professional jersey, I can assure you of that.”

The whole business of Gunn becoming manager was bizarre. That campaign organised by his daughter. The misty eyed sentimentality stuff. Was Delia just too “nice” to see what a daft idea it was? Was Gunny too vain to realise he was just not suitable for purpose? What was the board as a whole thinking?? It took a ruthless act by McNally to put an end to the farce and quick! It must have been humiliating for Gunn, but he is a grown up and has to accept his own culpability in the sad affair. Im sure hes well set finacially and Cheshire has excellent golf courses and restaurants and hes away from the scene of his embarrassment. Win Win Win?

Does the Gunn Club still exist? Or has it been renamed the Michael Theoklitos Club? Thats another surreal happening; a keeper of Gunns experience hired Theoklitos!! Our own club experience alone tells us there are many decent keepers on bench warming duties screaming for some match time out on loan. But we go for a geographically challenged Oz with no experience at English league level. Deal done on a golf course?? The only real high point was Holtys recruitment and Michael Nelson never let us down. Overall, it looked a bit haphazard incompetent. Like Wac, Id only rate Gunn as a good goalie, certainly not great. That sort of word is reserved for the likes of Kevin Keelan.

Steely my opinion of Gunn the goalkeeper dates back to the first two seasons he was at The Carra, in particular several dropped home points because of his mistakes usually followed by his blaming a defender. I don’t know anyone who has a good word for his managerial talents which were highlighted when his motivational skills in the potentially life saving away game at Charlton. You will remember that he fired up the lads to the point of conceding three soft goals in twenty minutes. How after that debacle, he could even have been in the frame for the fulltime position defeats me. I have only been able to conclude that he was the most enthusiastic eater of Delia’s recipes. Thank heavens we have moved on but it still winds me up to read “Legend” associated with his name.

Wac I know from your previous postings that you weren’t a Gunny fan. Granted he wasn’t a top draw goalie but I think he was at the next level down. It was only in the ’96 to ’97 that he started a few howlers. However I like to remember some of those great saves such as a Banks Pele type save from Tony Cottee at Goodison and a monumental tip over the bar from a Pierre Van Hooidonk thunderbolt in a win over Forest. Incidentally the little rumour I heard was that he was told that he was no longer welcome at Carra Rud. Might have been nothing in it but I don’t know.

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